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Chasing The Wind

Written By: Editor - Jul• 16•12


My wardrobe mirror told no lie as to how chic I was looking in my Saint Laurent black suit over a perfect red and black tie

The clamorous crow of a white fat hen was just enough to get me out of my bed one rainy Saturday morning. The dream was so fresh in mind; her luscious white mini skirt matching perfectly with a white and pink blouse got me mesmerized for half an hour as we sat together at the unity hall cafeteria, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology. Sharon Anderson, the “Indes” (Independence Hall) beauty queen whispered softly into my ears as we sat face to face at one of the cafeteria tables. “Can I ask you for a little favor”? I answered enthusiastically, “why not”?

I got mad at the cock for having ended my dream so abruptly.

As I walked to the bath to have a brush and face wipe, I heard an unusual soft knock at my door.  It got me wondering and speculating, who could this be? To my utter dismay, it was the very person I had dreamt of. Sharon stood right in front of my door looking so scintillating. It was then I began to believe one of the common utterances from my uncle’s wife, If a person’s name comes to mind and his/her presence is not realized then he/she has joined our ancestors.  My pulse began to beat faster than usual as I offered her a seat. It was just 48hours ago when we met after offering a helping hand to carry her 1500×1000 mm engineering drawing board to her hostel after which she asked for my room number.

“Can you help me out on Sunday morning to revamp my room?” She asked smiling, with her dimples fixed nicely at both sides of her cheeks. “The former tenants left the room in an unbearable situation and needs to be repainted, she added sharply”. “Sure”, I replied without cogitating. “I will surely be there to help you out”.

I realized I was on schedule as the second bible reader for the Sunday Mass few minutes after she had left.  I was completely left on the fence as to forgo the help and go to church or to chance upon this great opportunity to get to know Sharon the more. Her crown as the beauty queen of Independence hall, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology was a great bait to help get acquainted with influential people at the University – a fine assurance on my SRC presidential ambition.

After the room revamp and many other help both physical and financial, we become so close and met very often. We spent a lot of time together, not forgetting the weekly Salsa dance classes we never missed, the pool parties and many more others. The numerous outings and fun-time we had was just adequate to induce my absence from lectures. I felt my long awaited dream was taking shape before my eyes by each passing day. I had become so popular in a very short while. Thanks to the countless campus programs we graced, a great platform to meet a gargantuan number of students.

The notices were all over campus, informing aspirants for the various SRC (Student Representative Council) positions to file in their application. I gazed blissfully at the first copy of this notice posted in the forecourt of the Unity Hall, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology but the last line of the notice triggered a sharp sunk in my heart: “ALL ASPIRANTS SHALL UNDERGO VETTING BY A COUNCIL”. – printed boldly in red.

By the close of the next day, I had filed in my application but had ants in my pants. Who are the members of this council? And on what criteria are they going to vet us?…

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